Orders, after checking the availability of the goods and collecting the authorized amount, are processed within 24/48 hours after the next (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in general) from the acceptance of the order that comes in real time to the customer via e-mail.

During the busy holidays (Christmas, End of Year and Easter), deliveries may be delayed and the times outlined above are purely indicative.

Delivery times vary depending on the destination location; From a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 7 working days for domestic, international shipments for customs bureaucratic issues (not dependent on Wellington Jeans) the shipment could be withheld and issued within 45 working days.

Customers who place an order with Wellington Jeans agree to accept the delivery of the order. If for any reason the customer refuses the delivery of the shipment or requests the return to the sender of any expenses charged in Wellington Jeans will be deducted for any refund due to the customer.DUE TO COVID-19 DELIVERY TIMES FOR SOME DESTINATIONS MAY BE DELAYED.


Wellington Jeans will deliver the products to the carrier and24-48 hours of work (Saturday, Sunday, excluding holidays) from the payment of the total amount owed, consisting of the purchase price of the product(s) and the shipping costs if provided. The purchased goods will be delivered to the destination address specified by the customer in the purchase, making sure that the delivery address is accurate, along with all the information, phone number, name on the intercom, scale number or extension, if for inaccurate information or other reasons should create stock the costs will be charged to the customer. The customer will receive an e-mail confirming the shipment, containing the confirmed data and tracking-number to monitor the product directly from the SDA website (in case the product is not traceable from the courier's website, the cause is not attributable to Wellington Jeans). The customer is advised to always sign the courier's letter of car "with reservation" in case of anomalies. Complaints about material damage due to the courier not signed with the aforementioned post cannot be resolved. Inventory is not directly linked to the online site, so it is possible that some product on the site is currently not available in stock. In case of unavailability, even temporary, in stock of the requested goods, Wellington Jeans:

- within 24-48 working hours (Saturday, Sunday and holidays excluded) from the day of arrival of the payment confirmation email will inform the customer by e-mail;

- in the shortest possible time, and in any case within thirty days from the day after the arrival of the confirmation email, it will refund the customer any sums paid for the payment of the supply, unless the customer communicates in writing to Wellington Jeans. want to wait for the purchased product.

- at the customer's written request, it will replace the goods with other buyer's choice.

For emergencies, the customer can send an email to:

The customer, after 5 days after the successful confirmation of shipment, can contact the shipper directly or Wellington Jeans at:

Any delay in the delivery of the purchased goods is solely attributable to the shipper and cannot be refused. Please note the very kind clientele that the express courier shipping service does not involve the obligation of Wellington Jeans to deliver the order enters 24/48 hours (beyond the one of pickup). The shipment in 24/48 (beyond the pick-up) is guaranteed on single-item orders, except the islands and Venice lagoon. Orders with a high number of items require more preparation and packing time, so they can be delayed in shipping. Delays do not cancel the order.

Once the order has been placed, the delivery cannot be rejected. Any inventory and returns will be charged only to the customer (see D.D.R.) to withdraw from the purchase.